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New for 2007, we at the American Broadhead Company have teamed up with the Buckmasters organization develop the most lethal broadhead ever produced.Fifty years of Engineering expertise coupled with 25 years of Big Game Hunting and filming experience have come together to create the new Buckmaster series of Broadheads!

"We've been using the American Broadhead for the past 2 video seasons now...  Every animal that we've taken has gone no further than 50-75 yards.  One of the key elements to a broadhead is accuracy. When you can have a broadhead that flies identical to your field point, you've got a
great product. I always practice with broadheads.  My experience with using the American Broadhead is that I tear up a lot of arrows due to the accuracy of the broadhead.  I am not a great shot but with these broadheads, they make me look like an Olympic archer.   American Broadheads take accuracy to a different level".
Jackie Bushman

Buckmaster Broadheads are sold assembled in three packs in 85,100,and 125 grain weight sizes. All with a full 1 1/8" cut dia. By tweaking out "Zero Plane Technology" blade design we have been able to increase the cut dia.while still reducing the overall blade surface area. Combined with our stouter ferrule design and high strength materials, Buckmaster Broadheads are accurate and deadly out past 50 yards!

I shot this elk in Montana last fall. The shot was about 35 yards and
the arrow passed completely through the elk. The bull only ran about 60
yards before going down. It was truly amazing to see something as large
as a mature bull elk collapse within sight after being shot with a 125
grain sonic broadhead.
Brian Hicks