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ABC “Hunt with the Pros” Contest Winners!

Win an Exotic Hunt!Every two years, we at the American Broadhead Company look forward to hunting with you at an Exotic Game ranch. We spend a weekend in the off season pursuing exciting game that is not available in our own neck of the woods. Typically, your hunt will be filmed by one of our sponsored TV shows for viewing later that season. This contest is easy to enter; and as it is a random drawing your odds of winning are high!

Our 2005 contest winner Glenn Thurston from Eagle, Colorado had a great time harvesting an Axis Deer, an Asian Water Buffalo, and a Wild Hog!!! The hunt took place at the Brady Ranch ( in Okeechobee, Florida. Watch Glenn in action live on "Hunts to Remember" with Bill Snodgrass on the Sportsman's Channel.

To Enter:

  1. Use the link below to e-mail ABC a tasteful photo of you and your Trophy. Any legally harvested species and size is OK.

  2. You will then be posted in our Trophy Page and entered into the "Hunt with the Pros" contest. The next contest hunt is scheduled to take place at the end of May 2007. ABC will select and announce the next winner in February of '07. This winner will be selected at random (not based on the size or quality of the animal) and notified at that time. They will also be listed in the news section of this web site. In the event that the winner is unable to join us at the time the Hunt has been scheduled, another contestant will be selected. Please note that expenses typically covered by ABC are food, lodging, animal fees, guide fees, and licenses (if needed). Expenses not covered by ABC include transportation, meat processing, and taxidermy. The American Broadhead Company and the Game Ranch assume no liability in any manner for the welfare of any members of the hunting party. We at ABC reserve the right to change or cancel this contest at our sole discretion at any time.

2005 Contest winner
Glenn Thurston enjoyed
the thrill of a Florida Hog Hunt!

2007 Contest winner
Mike miller and his axis deer. Mike hunted with Okeechobee Outfitters at the brady ranch he was able to enjoy trophy bass fishing while avoiding gators in an airboat; and he spent a night persuing florida wild hogs.

Glenn joins Derrick Perkins and Bill Snodgrass
in admiring the Asian Water Buffalo
he harvested with Sonics.


* Typical expenses covered are food, lodging, animal, and guide fees. Typical expenses not covered are travel and insurance costs, licensing, taxidermy, etc. The American Broadhead Company reserves the right to plan the location, time, and species to hunt at its sole discretion. We also reserve the right to alter this program at any time for any reason.