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Frequently Asked Questions about the American Broadhead Company

  1. Why is the design called “Zero Plane Technology”?
  2. Do the blades ever separate on impact?
  3. Why do broadheads utilizing the “zero plane technology” design penetrate better than other heads?
  4. What type of archer gets the most benefit from a broadhead of this type?
  5. What makes the “Zero Plane Technology” design exhibit such exceptional strength?
  6. Why do Sonic Heads appear smaller to the eye than the diameter of the hole that they cut?
  7. What type of blood trails are produced by Sonic Heads?
  8. Are replacement blades available?
  9. What makes your blades retain their edge throughout numerous impacts?
  10. Where can I buy American Broadhead Company products?
  11. Are sonic heads legal throughout the United States and Canada?
  12. How do you accurately measure the cut diameter of your broadheads?
  13. How do the larger Liberty Heads fly compared to the Sonics?
  14. What shot distances can be considered ethical
  15. What are "DenseMax" blades?
  16. Should broadheads be indestructible?
  17. Shipping of my order ?

1) Why is the design called “Zero Plane Technology”?

When we were developing the engineering specifications for our broadheads we insisted that several previously unreachable goals be achieved. Perhaps the most important of these was that the Sonic Heads must hit the same hole as a field point, even at extreme speeds of 300 feet per second.

While many broadheads claim to group like field points, Sonic Head are the only broadheads statistically proven to hit the same hole as a field point. Sonic Head blades are equiangular (120 degrees apart), have very
small open areas designed to minimize turbulence, fly silently, and are flatter than other designs. They create a true three bladed "cut on impact" design.

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2) Do the blades ever separate on impact?

Another benefit of our exclusive “zero plane technology” is that our broadheads are the only ones in the industry in which an impact actually forces the blades together; enhancing their already incredible strength! Our patent pending locking nut has a special angle, which locks our blade points securely as you tighten the broadhead.

Our competitors' designs hold their blades under a tip. Therefore, the lateral forces of the impact work to pull the blades out of their ferrule. Heads from the American Broadhead Co. slice from the point of impact; and the act of passing through bones and flesh continue to force our blades together. Throughout rigorous testing and hunting we have not had any incidents of lost or loose blades.

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3) Why do broadheads utilizing the “zero plane technology” design penetrate better than other heads?

We purposefully chose the “cut on impact” configuration with solid blades in order to minimize the friction of passing through game. Our broadheads are designed without energy robbing moving or bent parts. The 7/8” and 1” cut diameters of sonic heads focus the kinetic energy of your arrow as intensely as possible; and yet we maximize the length of our cut by using three separate blades. Our center ferrule is a field point configuration; and our three blades match your fletching for effortless pass throughs on big game animals. On every hunt, two holes are always better than one! Please note for safety reasons that most bag type targets will not stop a Sonic Head. Use with extreme caution. Use and assemble with extreme caution and protection.

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4) What type of archer gets the most benefit from a broadhead of this type?

The American Broadhead Company products have proven benefits for virtually every archer.

  1. Archers who shoot low poundage bows achieve incredible penetration levels.
  2. Extreme speed archers maintain their field point accuracies.
  3. Novice archers can almost double their effective range.
  4. Professional archers can now shoot at ranges previously reserved for a rifle.

The bottom line is that any archer who wants to shoot the strongest, deepest penetrating, and most accurate broadhead will settle for nothing less than a Sonic Head.

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5) What makes the “Zero Plane Technology” design exhibit such exceptional strength?

All American Broadhead products have been designed for high strength. As there are only three part numbers in each broadhead, I will discuss each one.

Blades – Each blade is produced from .036” thick stainless steel and has two positions where it locks into the center ferrule. Unlike our competitors, who place their blades into position at the .004” thick sharpened tip, our exclusive center locking point retains .036” thickness at the blade. Therefore we typically have 800% more stainless steel locking the blades into the ferrule. Our patented center locking technology also allows the front of the three blades to form our exclusive “three blade cut on impact” design. The American Broadhead Co. Inc. products are the only broadheads whose blades are designed so that the forces of passing through game actually push the blades together, rather than apart! Since our blades are uniform in size they equally dissipate any shock of impact around the center ferrule. This allows the ferrule to handle high shock loads with ease.

Center Ferrule – Each broadhead has one center ferrule that is CNC machined from high strength materials. The 100- and 125-grain Sonic Heads have steel ferrules, while the 75- and 85-grain heads utilize aircraft grade aluminum. We do not slot our ferrules all the way through because to do so greatly weakens this component. Our ferrules incorporate only small outer slots to align the blades correctly.

Locking Nut – Each broadhead has one locking nut. On all of our heads this is cnc-machined from steel materials. The locking nut incorporates an internal angle that automatically aligns the blade tips into the “cut on impact” configuration. The locking nut supports the blades upon impact, then distributes the impact shock evenly down the center ferrule.

The sum of these three parts is a variety of broadheads that can handle more kinetic energy shock than any other design. Please see our destruction testing for additional information. The “zero plane technology” design requires only three part numbers and five parts per head. The beauty of this rugged yet simple design is that there is nothing to go wrong. Don't gamble with your hunt—use Sonic Heads!

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6) Why do Sonic Heads appear smaller to the eye than the diameter of the hole that they cut?

As a three bladed broadhead, Sonic Head blades are positioned 120° apart. No matter what side angle you view the broadhead at you can never see the blade that is opposite your position. Therefore you can only see two blades at a time, and since they are not directly opposite one another, you cannot view the actual cutting diameter.

In order to clearly demonstrate the size of our cutting diameters we have placed a to scale circle on each Sonic Head package. Due to the fact that we have three equally sized blades in each head, Sonic Heads actually inflict a larger wound than more traditional cut on impact heads.

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7) What type of blood trails are produced by Sonic Heads?

The most important aspect of getting a good blood trail is to first hit the game in it's vital area. The second most critical condition is to have your arrow pass completely through the game. As Sonic Heads have been proven to be the most accurate and deepest penetrating legal broadhead on the market, you will find that the resulting blood trail is clear and easy to follow.

In our hunting experiences with the 100 grain 7/8” diameter cut Sonic Head; we have had blood trails up to a foot wide. In most cases, we did not have to follow the blood trail as the game died within 30 yards of where they were hit.

Sonic Heads have proven to be very deadly on game such as water buffalo, elk, deer, wild hogs, kudu, antelope, and turkeys.

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8) Are replacement blades available?

Replacement blades are available through your local archery pro shop. They are sold 18 blades per package, enclosed in our special blade box with a center divider to prevent the blades from rubbing. To locate a retailer near you, please see our “locate a retailer” link.

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9) What makes your blades retain their edge throughout numerous impacts?

All blades produced by the American Broadhead Company are manufactured using our exclusive process. It starts with the fact that we buy our stainless steel in a strip as a pre-hardened material. The hardness of the material requires very large stamping presses (like the type used to produce auto parts); but the fact that we can avoid hardening the material at a later stage means that our blades are flatter and of a more uniform temper than our competitors. Our blade blanks are stamped as individual pieces and are not retained on the strip.

In order to sharpen these individual blades, our engineers built the worlds only rotary transfer grinding machines. All of our competitors have their blades made (typically overseas) by a strip grinding method. This means that they push their blades through the grinding wheels at high speeds. The heat caused by this process can anneal or soften the blade edge. Our rotary transfer method avoids this by allowing each individual blade to take nearly ninety-six seconds to enter and exit the machine. Each blade goes through separate functions for grinds, honing, and cleaning. Then it is robotically packaged 18 blades per box. Our blade box is specifically engineered to prevent the blades from dulling during shipment.

The results of this process are blades that hold their edge. As our blades are .036” thick, they can be re-sharpened with a stone several times. Replacement blades are available in boxes of 18 blades per box.

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10) Where can I buy American Broadhead Company products?

Our products are sold worldwide by archery pro shops. Click here to locate a retailer. If there is not a pro shop near you, many of our listed retailers sell via the Internet, or by mail order. If your local pro shop currently does not stock American Broadhead Company products, please tell them about us!

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11) Are sonic heads legal throughout the United States and Canada?

The state of Nebraska requires a total broadhead blade length (counting all blades) of three inches, and none of the American Broadhead Company's current broadheads meet this requirement. See for details. Also, the state of Wyoming requires a 1" cut diameter; this excludes our Sonic Head 75 and 100 grain broadheads, which have a 7/8" cut diameter, but allows all of our other current broadheads. Our broadheads are legal in all other parts of the United States and Canada.

As all jurisdictions reserve the right to change their legislature as they see fit, we recommend that you review your state DNR requirements.

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12) How do you accurately measure the cut diameter of your broadheads?

On a traditional “cut on impact” broadhead you can measure the cut diameter (width) by measuring the distance between the blade tips. This method does not give you an accurate measurement of our three bladed heads.

Our broadheads place each blade 120 degrees apart. Therefore, you cannot see the actual cutting diameter from a side view, because you can't see the blade opposite of your view. The only way to determine the cut diameter is to push the assembled broadheads through a ground hole gage. If the broadhead can't fit through the hole, it is therefore larger than the hole.

In order to clearly show how deadly the cut diameters of our broadheads are, we have printed an accurate to scale circle on each of our packages.

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13) How do the larger Liberty Heads fly compared to the Sonics?

Our Liberty Heads are a scaled up version of the Sonics. The incorporate the same equally balanced design proven so successful in our smaller broadheads. In our tests, at higher speeds the Liberty Head performed identically to our Sonics. That said, as you go progressively larger in cut diameter, any deviations in the way in which your arrow leaves your bow will be amplified. With all large diameter broadheads a well-tuned bow and good shooting form are required. Easton Archery has an excellent arrow-tuning guide on their web site:

Liberty Heads are recommended for hunting game over shorter distances such as over bait. Archers shooting slower bow set ups like Traditional archers also enjoy the deep penetration and devastation of our Liberty

14)What shot distances can be considered ethical?
Any distance at which you regularly practice and consistently group well at is ethical for you. As our broadhead technology increases your range by a significant amount; we at ABC have thought about this a lot. We know several dozen professional archers who regularly use our Sonics to harvest game past 100 yards. But please keep in mind that these are record book archers who practice often. Only you, through your own experience, can decide at which distance you should hunt at.

15) What are "DenseMax" blades?
DenseMax blades are made from 420 stainless steel that has undergone our proprietary post grind thermal treatment process. All razor blade companies heat treat their products in order to harden them; this process takes a few hours. Our DenseMax process, however, is a five day thermal treatment in which we repetitively cycle the temperature variations at controlled time/temperature increments. This causes the electrons in the steel to bind tighter together a the atomic level while completely stress relieving the metal. Thus the density of the steel is increased without affecting weight or brittleness. Our DenseMax process is a "trick" that we learned last year from our friends at Lockheed/Martin when we fabricated military components for them. We would like to tell you more, but as this process is not patentable, we need to keep any further technical explanations to ourselves.

16) Should broadheads be indestructible?
Your first objective should be to use a broadhead that makes you as lethal a hunter as possible. That means that things like accuracy, penetration, and range should be at the top of your requirement list. Every broadhead company tries to make their products as tough as possible;unfortunately there are performance trade offs in every broadhead design. A few of these are as follows:
1) Trocar(Chisel) tipped heads don't experience blade damage at the point simply because they have no blade tips. They push upon impact and so they have less penetrating power. Heads that don't completely pass through
animals don't experience much trauma because they don't do much anyway. They can be used often, but why would you want to?
2) Expandable heads fly great! But anything with moving parts looses kinetic energy upon impact. Even the very best mechanicals loose at least 30% of their penetrating power. Thus they have limited effective range and their complex mechanisms are prone to unexpected failure; especially at odd angles.
3) Traditional heads with one large double edged blade penetrate well; but they have alignment issues with the center ferrule. So shooting consistency past a moderate range varies. As they are considerably longer than target points archers also need to adjust their sites with these heads.
4) Molded and welded heads do not have the correct blade grind angle to maximize sharpness. Do you ever see anybody shaving themselves with a molded razor blade? Since they aren't too sharp to begin with, repeated usage does not make them much duller. You can use them a lot, but once again why would you want to?

We at the American Broadhead Company Inc. view broadheads as the ammunition that you use to maximize your own lethality. After all that goes into preparing for the season; you deserve the most effective weapon at the end
of your arrow. So we build the following features into our products:

A) Our three bladed "Cut on Impact" design is self supporting as the blade tips are compressed during impact and penetration. The patented front locking portion in our ferrules have 800% more metal holding in each blade.
B) Our solid blades are stronger than any vented alternatives. No tissue can get caught in them for clean pass through shots; even on tough game like Hogs!
C) .036" thick blades are like shooting Steak Knives! The Densemax thermal treatment on our premium heads holds it's edge better than any other materials.
D) CNC machined ferrules and retaining nuts are more than 10X more concentric than our competitors components. Your shooting area is much larger due to the extreme accuracy of ABC broadheads.
E) Premium materials are used thought the product. All of our aluminum components are machined in 7075-T6 alloy that is stress relieved; so they have the same tensile strength of standard steel (80,000 PSI). Sonic 100/125
ferrules are machined in 1215 steel (80,000 PSI tensile), while the Sonic Pro and Buckmaster 125 ferrules are in 1144 steel (125,000 PSI tensile)for the ultimate in toughness.

The result of this attention to detail is a broadhead lineup that makes YOU very dangerous in the woods! That said, are our broadheads indestructible? No.Because our broadheads fly faster, penetrate through thick bone, and usually end up sticking a foot into the ground on the other side of your game; they experience 200% to 300% more shock than our competitors products that don't do those things.As a result we recommend that you replace your blades between animals. Our replacement blades are economical in order to make this easy. Target practice blades are also available.

17)Shipping of my order ?
The majority of our orders ship within 48 hours. Standard shipping is by UPS Ground, which means you will receive your new merchandise within 7-10 business days from the time you place the order. 
* Note: Ship times are in addition to the time it takes to process your order (almost always 48 hours or less). We are continually looking for ways to improve the processing time.

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