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Makers of the world's only three bladed "Cut on Impact" broadheads with individually replaceable blades
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Receive 18 blunt target blades with any purchase of $50 or more

(While supplies last) Currently: In stock

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Why American Broadhead?

World Records

Dozens of world record animals have been harvested using a bow equipped with Sonic Heads. Archie Nesbitt, holding an astonishing 90 world records says "The three blade, 125 grain broad heads provide me with the accuracy I need at long distances." 

Made in the USA

All manufacturing is performed with pride in the United States. It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality broadheads possible. for more information on our suppliers please visit

Extreme Range & Penetration 

Triple your effective killing range with our "zero-plane technology", mimicking the flight characteristics of a field point. The ability to slice through 22 gauge steel and kevlar makes a full pass through on a deer a breeze. A kill shot is achievable from any angle with American broad heads.

Best Value

We did away with conventional packaging and the markups of the big box stores, in favor of buying directly from the manufacturer. This way we can provide our customers with the most competitive prices, offering 6 heads at a price most competitors charge for 3. Plus we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for free! 

"Like a .308 for your bow."

Success in the Field 


Contact Information 

To place an order by phone 

   734-508-6237 x 220

American Broadhead Company Inc. 
PO Box 160, Milan, MI 48160

Contact us by email for additional questions or comments

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